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We need your support!  There are many ways to get involved. 

Stay informed by joining our mailing list and Facebook Group.  

Donate to support our legal challenge to PUSD.  Sign our petition.  

Attend events and make your voice heard.

Get Registered

Fill out our community survey and get involved by being part of a committee.  

Sign the Petition!

On (do NOT donate here!)

Please Donate!

Via our GoFundMe page or Venmo account.  We need every family to donate.

Join key Events

We'll post all key dates and events here.

Be part of the community.

Join the Facebook Community
Contact Your Local Leaders

A list of all your local leaders and representatives can be found here. We encourage you to write or call them.

Sample letters

Sample of letters you can use to contact and write to representatives and local leaders.  

Donation of Items and Services

We are collecting donation of services or goods for our fundraiser auction and raffle in April.

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