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Fundraiser Update and ALL-STAR Checklist

KEEP IT UP!!! You guys are AMAZING..and we are just getting warmed up๐Ÿ™Œ. A little over a week after we launched our fundraising effort, I am HAPPY to announce we have reached our first milestone of 50K,๐ŸŽŠ two days before our Oct. 9th goal! To those who did their part and donated the minimum needed per family, or even what they can, we THANK YOU๐Ÿ™! To our generous donors who joined our leadership levels with a $500+ donation and helped us quickly reach our goal, we are extremely GRATEFUL๐Ÿ™! To our volunteers who have tirelessly supported and worked on this project nonstop, you are the STRENGTH and SOURCE of our mission and we LOVE you.

If you haven't donated please do so, as we are just getting started. Together as a committed community we will unite and fight for what is right! Transparency. To Be Heard. To have a Voice. To have a Choice. We will not continue to sit there and let elected leaders make choices while avoiding the VOICE of the community.

Are you ready to get involved and have some fun? Join our ALL-STAR roster. How? It's going to be really easy and fun. Remember, it's never too late to start! Complete and check off the list of "All-Star" items below. On our website, under the tab "Get Involved" will be links to almost every item you need to complete your list.

Congratulations to Kandice Judson who won our last FB poll with the most vote for a formal group name. Although our final name, Protect Our Community Now, was not submitted by anyone. We felt that Kandice should get the prize for getting the most votes on her submitted name of "Protect the 56 Corridor Communities". Thanks to everyone for participating.


โ˜Share POCN with your friends and community


โ˜Sign the Petition

โ˜Fill Out Our Survey

โ˜Join Our Facebook Page and Invite Friends

โ˜Submit A Comment to PUSD Board

โ˜Contact Your Local or State Leaders

โ˜Follow and Share Our Tweet on Twitter @ProtectOurComm

โ˜Volunteer or attend one of our events

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